Your Practices Defense System

It’s about time that Doctors had the tools that insurance companies have!  That’s right, know what the insurance companies already know about your practice. TRAKnet Total Practice Solutions™ can give you the ability to see what CPT codes your peers across the country are billing each month.  Better yet, TRAKnet can allow you to compare your top 10 CPT codes each month in a real time fashion.  No other software is able to do this!  The power of data at your fingertips.  Not even Medicare BMAD data is provided in a real time fashion.  TRAKnet can deliver the tools to help you succeed.  TRAKnet is the only software that has this feature – Code Audit Compliance™.

Audit Prevention Under-utilization – Missed Revenue

Over utilization


Compare to your colleagues


    Code Audit final


“Code Audit is the best feature. Knowing how the procedures I billed ranked against my peers is priceless. I would recommend this to any doctor in practice.”  

Dr. Ben W.


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