SmartSheet 10

The Most Efficient ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion Solution For Podiatry – Over 30x Faster Than Using A Book!

SmartSheet10™ Technology is a patent-pending, ICD-10 conversion workflow solution. Using this tool will increase your efficiency and help reduce claim denials. It walks the customer through the code development process, until the final code has been reached.

SmartSheet10 Features:

  • Flexible integration. Use as a standalone product, or integrate with our TRAKnet EHR (the only EHR for podiatrists, by podiatrists!)
  • Two-way conversion. Convert back and forth ICD9 to ICD10 and from ICD10 to ICD9.
  • Cheat sheets. Quickly create provider specific “cheat sheets” or superbills for more efficient conversion.
  • Reduce claim denials. Preventing just 1 to 2 claim denials per month pays for this technology… and then some!
  • More specific codes. SmartSheet10 provides the most specific codes, including the 7th characters when needed. This results in faster and smoother payments.

Reduce employee time. A time study found that SmartSheet10 allows users to find the accurate ICD-10 code over 30 times faster than by using a book.

Key Features:

  • Easily explore ICD-10 chapters
  • Allows for easy setup of a fully functional provider specific cheat sheets (superbills)
  • One click access from GEM’s to ICD-10 code details
  • Autocomplete index search
  • One click navigation from index to table
  • Search directly in ICD-10 conversion table
  • One click navigation to exclude codes
  • Color coding based on CMS guidelines
  • Allows dual coding for dates of service prior to 10-1-15
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