TRAKnet Patient Portal

traknet patient portal

TRAKnet 3.0 Patient Portal

Portals are the digital interface between patient and your practice. They make it easier for your practice to execute a number of tedious administrative tasks. Using a computer, tablet or web-enabled mobile device patients can conveniently use the portal to request appointments and prescription refills, ask questions, inquire or pay a bill online. Better yet practices can personalize their portal to reflect their name, logo and colors.

TRAKnet Patient Portal Advantages:

  • Spend less time on administration and more time on medicine
  • Online convenience for patients and staff
  • Streamlines the check-in process
  • Easily provides patients with clinical summaries and copies of their health records.

The TRAKnet patient portal allows patients to enter demographic information and insurance information from any computer with an internet connection prior to their appointment. This information is sent securely through the portal directly to the practice.

* Additional charges apply for this service.