Advanced Healthcare Data Management Platform

healthcare data management


The Advanced Healthcare Data Management Platform is a data reporting platform that is integrated into TRAKnet and can be used to perform a variety of tasks from a deep analysis of your billing and accounts receivable to your provider’s productivity and clinical protocols. The Advanced Healthcare Data Management Platform is used to pull a variety of reports to help assist you in running an efficient practice.

TRAKnetā€™s new Advanced Data Management Platform gives you access to a comprehensive set of data. Unlock key insights allowing you to access both numerical and graphical accounts of your practice’s data

View data surrounding important practice trends. View information relating to physician productivity. Achieve an advanced understanding of your practice’s cash flow. Access diagnosis and treatment information needed for contract negotiations.

My Practice Report Card

A snapshot of your practice’s financials. Compare yourself to your peers across the country. How do your total charges for the month or number of claims billed compare to your colleagues? TRAKnet is the only EHR that can deliver this information in a real time fashion!!

* Additional charges apply for this service.