The value of TRAKnet, Knowledge From Data

The value of TRAKnet beyond software, providing knowledge with DATA.

TRAKnet 3.0 software is the only EHR that compiles data across the country in a real-time fashion to show how you compare to your colleagues on a monthly basis. That’s, right! Real time information that can help you see if your practice is on the right track.

  • Want to know how many claims your colleagues billed per provider last month?
  • Want to know how much $$ your colleagues billed per provider last month?
  • Want to know how much you did last month compared to your colleagues?

With the touch of a button, TRAKnet provides you with this valuable information. Behind the scenes TRAKnet anonymously compiles and scrubs the information to provide national averages from our entire database of clients. Being part of the TRAKnet family provides you with extremely valuable information.

Just go to the My Practice Report Card Feature in TRAKnet 3.0. This information will be refreshed every month automatically. This feature is included with your TRAKnet 3.0 software.

TRAKnet is not just your typical software. We are going beyond just an EHR and providing you with the tools for practice success. We understand podiatry and the features you need in the ever changing health care arena.

traknetSevenWhat’s next? Launching this month, for TRAKnet Clients

DATA at your fingertips…there’s more!

Want real time data on code usage across the country? That’s right, what CPT codes are being used. Watch for release of our new feature CODE AUDIT COMPLIANCE! You will get real time data on what codes were billed last month by your colleagues. Not even Medicare can provide this type of data in a real time basis. Insurance companies have been using this type of data in their favor for years. Now TRAKnet clients can be armed with the same information. It like having your own personal monthly BMAD data!

Want an in-depth deep dive into how you are practicing? Our Virtural Practice Optimization (VPO) feature will let you know your strengths, weaknesses and missed opportunities. Powered by Collaborative Practice Solutions, you can be on the cutting edge of using technology to make practice decisions to increase your practice outcomes and bottom line. Want more info:

No other EHR company beside TRAKnet can take you to the next level.

Want more information on all our features:

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