Deborah Fickenscher

We can’t begin to express how happy we are with TRAKnet… initially we were not pleased with the 3.0 update and actually looked into another software. This could not hold a candle to TRAKnet, imagine needing to make an appointment to call for support… ridiculous. TRAKnet 3.0 has made many improvements since it was first implemented and a lot of the changes were very similar to 2.0 which we liked. TRAKnet is very user friendly and extremely easy to navigate, the other system we looked at was impossible to work with, everything took more than twice as long. I am very happy I was able to convince my doctors that we needed to stay with TRAKnet and after seeing the other system, my doctors are happy to be with TRAKnet. I would absolutely recommend this software to anyone, easy to use, great support and training… who could ask for anything more! I am a HAPPY TRAKnet user.