I've evaluated all software available for podiatry. TRAKnet is the most comprehensive. We used to do our own billing. RCM, a branch of NEMO Health now does it for us. They're experts! Don't waste your time trying to do it in-house. We now have a team of billers working my account. We could never do that before. They've got it covered.

Gabriel Delgado

Podiatrist, Mid Florida Foot, Ankle & Vein Clinic

Our practice has been using TRAKnet since TRAKnet 2.0 and it is the perfect EHR. The benefits TRAKnet offers our practice is the streamlined process of charting patients for our doctors which allows them to spend more time with our patients. TRAKnet aides the running of a private practice by allowing our staff to have a complete patient focus.

James Han

Podiatrist, Tri-City Podiatry Group

Traknet is a wonderful system for podiatrists. I love the smooth user interface and extra features. Traknet is always looking to implement new, helpful features into their software. I don't have to worry about correctly reporting insurance requirements and billing is a breeze. The customer service is great! I'm always able to resolve any issue in a prompt manner. It's so easy to manage the daily schedule. The referrals section makes sending consultation notes an stress-free task.

April Helvin

Destin Podiatry

All EMR poses problems for practitioners but TRAKnet makes it easier with their technical support team, the ease of customization and the integration of practice management and continued development. Instead of saying “no,” they do what they can within the limitations we may have.

Ahmad Farah

Podiatrist, Farah Podiatry Associates

TRAKnet is very user friendly. The support is top notch, owned by podiatrist; keeping it up to date. Windows based, easy to use. The support team is GREAT! Clerical & clinical staff can work continuously. Current, up to date with all Medicare requirements. Great webinars for learning the system. Support team is eager and willing to help with any questions. Best podiatry software we have ever used. - On the billing side: it's so easy to use. Claims submission is a breeze.

Sandra Garris

Cheraw Foot Center

I've enjoyed using TRAKnet in my practice. It's functionality fit my needs.I enjoyed the straight forward charting and billing. Podiatry specific and easy to create templates,import or export data and it works well in a busy multi physician practice.

Richard Rees

Richard Rees, D.P.M., P.A.