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Simplify Your Practice

TRAKnet is a podiatry specific EHR that incorporates charting, billing, and scheduling into a single system.

Designed by podiatry industry experts to provide a multitude of solutions for the challenges that practices face today


Experience TRAKnet!

“The implementation of TRAKnet was the easiest I have ever seen. I’m done with notes by the end of clinic each day, which enables me to see more patients in less time, making us more money!”

Dr. Paul Brooks, DPM

Total Practice Solutions

TRAKnet is full of features to run and grow your podiatry practice.

One Integrated System

allows effortless transition from scheduling to encounters & claims.

Fully Customizable Screens

allow different users to see only the items that are important to them

Flexible and Compatible

with desktops, laptops, and tablets, hosted locally or in the cloud.


Patient Eligibility

Verify patients’ coverage and financial responsibilities in real-time to proactively prevent claim rejections.



Simple implementation, reduced IT requirements, data security, and superior accessibility and scalability.


Enhance Workflow

Utilize SMARTSHEET 10, an integrated workflow compliant solution for ICD-10.


Code Audit Compliance

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Patient Portal

Receive a monthly report that identifies the top codes billed by your peers across the country.


Advanced Data Management

Access a comprehensive set of data, unlocking key insights about your practice

More Than Just an EHR

More Than Just an EHR

– Medical Billing

Our staff of podiatric-specific, ICD-10 certified coders and billers perform your entire billing process.

– Consulting

Our consulting service focuses on your practice’s strengths, mitigating weaknesses, and capitalizing on missed opportunities.

“The Meaningful Use report within TRAKnet ensures I am on schedule to meet Meaningful Use requirements by showing my progress with both core and menu set objectives. The implementation of TRAKnet made my practice more efficient, effective, and secure.”

Dr. Fischman, DPM

Total Podiatry Solutions

Enhance your office workflow with the only EHR software built by podiatrists for podiatrists!

Call: 1-855.944.2995 Ext. 1


TRAKnet was created by podiatrists to focus on the unique business needs of other practicing podiatrists, providing a multitude of solutions for the challenges that practices face today.