HIPAA and Health Information Technology

TLD Systems makes following the government regulations for HIPAA Compliance easy as HIPAA Compliance is their expertise.

  • Let them worry about the HIPAA regulations so that you may concentrate on your practice.
  • TLD System’s CEO and nationally recognized speaker and author on HIPAA and Health Information technology, Dr. Michael Brody is a Health Information Technology consultant for PICA.
  • Run by a podiatrists.
  • We understand the drain HIPAA compliance can take on your time and resources.
  • They work very closely with members of the TRAKnet team and have already helped many TRAKnet customers be HIPAA compliant. TLD Systems has your back.
  • They have been brought in to assist PODIATRISTS who had HIPAA breaches.
  • Each time they made sure these podiatrists did not get fines. 
  • When selecting a company to help you with a HIPAA Security Program, choose the company that understands your practice and your software.

For more information visit TLD Systems’ Website here!

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