Meaningful Use (Stage 2)


New CMS simplified Stage 2 requirements allow for cost effective compliance.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements have been reduced to simply 10 measures which need to be met over any 90 consecutive days in 2015. For a fact sheet describing each objective click here.

Frequently Asked Meaningful Use Questions:

❯ How do I send a secure message or give my patient electronic access?

  1. Under your user name click on Configure Direct Email Account.
  2. You also must have a patient’s REGULAR email address.
  3. Create a CCD-A under patient engagement.
  4. Click the Actions button to “Send to Portal”. This action does two things: 1) It sends the CCD-A into a “holding pattern at HealthVault 2) It sends an email to your patient’s email, instructing them that they have received a secure message and to sign up for HealthVault to receive it. The action of sending the CCD-A is what TRAKnet uses to calculate the 50% level for this measure. That satisfies the 1st measure of Objective #8 (Patient Electronic Access). Once the patient has signed up for HealthVault the CCD-A that was “holding” automatically imports into their personal HealthVault account. You must do that on 50% of all UNIQUE patients.
  5. As long as 1 person responds back to you, you will satisfy the 2nd measure of this objective.


❯ Does Objective #8 pertain to all encounters or just office visit (E&M codes)?

This measure applies to all encounters and office (E&M) visits. This objective only pertains to UNIQUE patients, not patients who are seen multiple times in a reporting period.

❯ How can I satisfy 90 days if it is already the end of the year?

CMS stated that an EP (eligible provider) only needs to satisfy a 90 day continuous period for Meaningful Use. Providers should have been attempting to satisfy the previous objectives throughout 2015 so it is up to you to decide which 90 day period satisfies the criteria.

❯ Do we need to have the TRAKnet 3.0 portal to satisfy Meaningful Use?

The TRAKnet 3.0 Patient Portal will tremendously help your workflow since it allows your patients to enter information at home and you can then import the fields into TRAKnet 3.0. While this is a time saving resource the Patient Portal is not needed to satisfy Meaningful Use criteria. TRAKnet 3.0 works with Microsoft HealthVault for satisfying the objectives for Meaningful Use.

❯ If I have the red CDS box appear on my patients chart, what does it mean?

If the red CDS box appears in your patient’s chart, it means that they have met the data that is in one of the Clinical Decision Support Rules that TRAKnet has supplied you with or you have set up on your own. While you only had to set up the CDS rules to meet Meaningful Use, please make sure that you follow the rule that was set up for you.

❯ Does something need to be turned on in order to send patient education?

No. Your CCD-A will automatically include information on a patient’s active problems and current medications within their chart.

❯ How do I know what patients have not had their objectives done for Meaningful Use?

You can run a report on an individual measure by clicking on the Details tab.

❯ I missed the webinar on Meaningful Use compliance in TRAKnet 3.0. Can I view a recording?

Yes, the webinar recording on Meaningful Use Compliance in TRAKnet 3.0 is available on the TRAKnet YouTube channel for viewing at your own leisure.


❯ Can I run a report in TRAKnet 3.0 on the new Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives?

Yes, this report is found under Reports > Meaningful Use. The report is the third tab on the screen called “Modified Stage 2.” A detailed version can be found on the Details tab of this screen.

Running of a Meaningful Use Report Screen Shot