Electronic Prescribing Changes For 2016 – THE NEW REQUIREMENTS

What’s coming in 2016

To keep our TRAKnet family updated on the latest changes, here is a peek at what is coming our way for 2016:

When writing prescriptions using an electronic submission to pharmacies (using TRAKnet or another electronic means) doctors will be required to authenticate and identity proof each physician in your practice in 2016. I you are writing for controlled substances doctors will need to follow the process for authenticating each physician. This process will consist of registering each physician using a certified validation service. TRAKnet Solutions has partnered with IdenTrust Healthcare Solutions to make this as easy as possible. If you use only hand written prescriptions, currently you will not be required to register (unless you are working in New York).

TRAKnet will be providing a website for each doctor to log into to register with the identity proofing validation service. You will need to decide before registering, if you would like to prescribe controlled substances (including lower scheduled drugs) or just lower scheduled drugs. There is a different process if prescribing controlled substances. (Note: DME items for this purpose are not considered relevant as an electronic prescription). As of August 2015 all states now allow controlled substances to be electronically sent. Get ready for the future because all states are headed toward electronic prescriptions only.

Beginning in January 2016 all doctors must register for electronic prescribing.


If you work in New York – As of March 27, 2016 any doctor in the state of New York will be required to use only electronic prescriptions. You must be registered to do so!

There are some exemptions, here is the link to the rules and regulations for New York physicians regarding electronic prescribing: https://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/narcotic/electronic_prescribing/docs/epcs_faqs.pdf

TRAKnet will be sending out a link to the website for each doctor for identity proofing registration. We will also send out a step by step guide on how to register.

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