CEO Letter 2016

To: All TRAKnet® Users
From: Ali M. Safiedine, D.P.M., M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer
NEMO Health LL
RE: State of TRAKnet®
DATE: May 2016

Dear Colleagues:

Every year I look forward to writing to all of you to keep you informed on what to expect with TRAKnet® throughout the rest of the year. Well, it’s that time again.

 As we celebrate the third anniversary of our acquisition of the brand, we are pleased to report that TRAKnet remains the most widely used EHR application in our profession—by a healthy margin. But we are not  resting on our laurels. Instead, we are constantly refining TRAKnet, striving to perfect our podiatry-specific platform. A list of all of the enhancements we’ve made is available on our wiki site at

 Why all this change, you ask? A recent survey conducted by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons found that approximately 80% of physicians felt EHRs impede patient care and almost half felt that patient safety was at risk. While EHRs are here to stay, no panacea is available. There is no such thing as a “great” EHR. This is why we are so committed to constantly improving our software and its shortcomings.

We are listening to you and really appreciate your suggestions, so  please keep them coming. Not all suggestions will be implemented, but many have been and even more will be . While other EHR companies have beautiful user interfaces to go with fancy marketing pieces, we continue to differentiate TRAKnet by being by podiatrists for podiatrists. No other company allows its users to be as invested in the continued evolution of its solutions.

 Speaking of improvements, we are on the precipice of launching a significant update which will include two important functional changes:

  • The update will significantly optimize the speed of the application, allowing the application to be used on most devices, and will dramatically reduce the functional clicks associated with your day-to-day operations.
  • The update will contain aggregation features that will allow TRAKnet, with its large podiatry market share, to be the pioneers of the data driven future of healthcare known as Value-Based Medicine.

Beyond mere speed and ease of use, because of its podiatric specificity and large market share, TRAKnet is uniquely equipped to help transition clients into the future of medicine, which will put a premium on data. In case you missed it, please visit TRAKnet’s YouTube Channel at to view a recent webinar delivered by Dr. John Guiliana and John W. Leardi, Esq., entitled “A Glimpse into Your Future.” Dr. Guiliana and Mr. Leardi describe a health care ecosystem where data is king and providers will need to understand far more than the traditional measurements of new patients and per visit value.

Along those lines, I’m exceptionally proud to announce several TRAKnet enhancements, which are available now, and were developed precisely with this focus on data in mind:

Code Audit Compliance

Code Audit Compliance uses data aggregation to provide your practice with a critical risk management tool that is completely automated. We all know that the most likely cause for an insurance audit is to be an outlier – or to have a billing profile that makes us “stick out” from everyone else. This doesn’t mean being an outlier is a bad thing; in fact, many say that running a truly successful practice requires you to be different. Regardless, until now, only the insurance companies were armed with the data necessary to identify these so-called outliers.Code Audit Compliance levels the playing field. It is a real-time data aggregation tool that lets you know what your top 10 CPT codes are each month and year to date. In addition, Code Audit Compliance will analyze the top 32 CPT codes in podiatry and compare your practice’s utilization of those codes to all other TRAKnet users. Know what your peers are billing in real time! You will no longer need to guess where your potential risk areas lie. Your EHR will tell you in real time, allowing you to more narrowly focus your compliance efforts on tidying up your billing.

My Practice Report Card™ 

(MPRC) uses data aggregation to help assess in real-time many of the most common financial benchmarks. After all, audits aren’t the only risk to our practice’s viability. With decreased reimbursements, more complex benefit offerings, and more focus on patient cost sharing and cash payments, there are any number of occurrences or trends that could negatively influence our livelihoods. MPRC is an automated financial diagnostic tool for your practice. It provides an automated, real-time financial snapshot of your practice along with benchmarking data from your TRAKnet colleagues across the country. Do you want to know the average total charges per provider per month across the country? How about the total number of claims billed? The report also shows you national benchmarks on aged claims, net collection ratio, and new patients. Knowing how you compare to your peers will help you identify what financial issues require your attention more urgently – saving you the time, expense, and guesswork associated with traditional practice management analytic tools and service.

Advanced Data Management Platform

(ADMP) is a series of in-depth additional reports available to TRAKnet users accessing a comprehensive set of data. There are 35 advanced reports contained within the ADMP feature. These reports will present raw data, but will also compile that data into graphs. Medical practices need this type of data to truly understand and increase their bottom line and, more importantly, improve patient outcomes. ADMP was designed with this in mind. These reports go beyond the standard reports already in TRAKnet and will bring the next level of management to your practice. And remember, because of our podiatric focus, as well as the size of our market share, we are the only company with access to the robust benchmarking data that form the heart and soul of these features. So even if our competitors had similar offerings – which they don’t – it would still be comparing apples to oranges.

On another exciting front, we will soon be launching a new Client Relations Department to supplement our world class support center. Instead of being reactive in our approach to support like every other EHR company, we are going to become proactive. Our Client Relations Department associates will routinely be checking in with you before you have an issue or problem that requires a call. Once we roll out this white-glove  service, don’t be surprised to receive a call from one of our agents to see how they can help you improve your TRAKnet® experience. It’s all part of our commitment to the future. Finally, the last purpose of my yearly correspondence is to convey  my sincere thanks to all of you for being loyal TRAKnet® colleagues. Great things are on the horizon and I’m happy that you are with me for the ride!


Ali M. Safiedine, D.P.M., M.B.A.


Chief Executive Officer