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What Makes TRAKnet Unique?

Advanced Data Management Platform ❯
Providing you access to a comprehensive set of data allowing you to perform a variety of tasks.

My Practice Report Card
A snapshot of your financials allowing you to compare yourself to peers across the country.

Code Audit Compliance
It is the only EHR that lets you understand your billing numbers compare to peers, and provides the leverage for negotiation with insurance carriers.

Dr. Debbie Weinstein


I would like to tell you how supportive everyone has been through the transition of TRAKnet 2.0 to TRAKnet 3.0. I was ready to leave TRAKnet but am really glad that I have not. Every time I call your representatives, they have taken all the time that I need and have answered all my questions. Kudos to all of you for developing a great company!

Dr. Michael King


Systems like TRAKnet, and the company behind them, offer the support for our practicing podiatrists to make a seamless transition from ICD-9 into ICD-10.

Dr. Paul Brooks


The implementation of the software, TRAKnet, was the easiest I have ever seen. I’m done with notes by the end of clinic each day, which enables me to see more patients in less time, making us more money! We no longer have to buy expensive charting supplies and we are saving on paper because we can scan in patient information.

Dr. Fischman


The support I received from TRAKnet and Collaborative Practice Solutions experts made successfully attesting to Meaningful Use with TRAKnet straightforward and easy. The Meaningful Use report within TRAKnet ensures I am on schedule to meet Meaningful Use requirements by showing my progress with both core and menu set objectives. The implementation of TRAKnet made my practice more efficient, effective, and secure.

Craig Shapero


I want to thank Dr. Bass and the TRAKnet team for the amazing webinars to get us prepared for ICD-10. Our practice has had a smooth transition to ICD-10 using SmartSheet 10, we could not have done it without you guys.

Deborah Fickenscher

Practice Manager – Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists

We can’t begin to express how happy we are with TRAKnet… initially we were not pleased with the 3.0 update and actually looked into another software. This could not hold a candle to TRAKnet, imagine needing to make an appointment to call for support… ridiculous. TRAKnet 3.0 has made many improvements since it was first implemented and a lot of the changes were very similar to 2.0 which we liked. TRAKnet is very user friendly and extremely easy to navigate, the other system we looked at was impossible to work with, everything took more than twice as long. I am very happy I was able to convince my doctors that we needed to stay with TRAKnet and after seeing the other system, my doctors are happy to be with TRAKnet. I would absolutely recommend this software to anyone, easy to use, great support and training… who could ask for anything more! I am a HAPPY TRAKnet user.

Alan Hetelson

DPM – The Foot and Ankle Center, Inc.

I would like to share my thoughts on the evolution of TRAKnet Total Practice Solutions. As an experienced podiatrist and administrator, I purposely created a process to be certain that my team was using the best electronic health record system available to Podiatry. I performed a cross comparison study by simultaneously using another leading EHR and TRAKnet side by side. There is no question that TRAKnet Total Solutions with its podiatric specificity, exceptional customer support, and unique features that assist and guide my practice won hands-down. It is comforting to know that with all the industry changes that are rapidly approaching, TRAKnet truly understands Podiatry.

Melody Kinnison

Office Manager – Foot and Ankle Centers of Charlotte County

I want to say I was very impressed with the quality of the information shared in your presentation. I have to be honest and say that I had my doubts about TRAKnet 3.0 in January and February. Now I am a believer and it is awesome!! Thank you so very much.